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YJJZB SPEATAK Watch Fashion Personality Turbo Automatic Square Man Watch Casual Belt Quartz Watch

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Deskripsi Produk
brand : SPEATAK
Print LOGO : Can not
Processing customization : no
intended for : Male
style : leisure time
Whether the patent supply : no
waterproof : Can not
Movement type : quartz
Movement brand : SL68
Specular Shading : Plain glass mirror
Band Material : genuine leather
Dial shape : square
Case Material : alloy
Whether to import : no
Origin (domestic) : Guangdong Province
No. : SK29
colour : Black black, black gold silver shell, black shell, brown belt gold shell, with black brown

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Original authentic, a generation of fat
Mall brand quality, the price of the masses!Nosize:Watch strap length: 26.5cm, width: 2.4cm, dial diameter: 4.8cm thickness: 1.2cm, weight: 110gTrading instructions:
1 all Alipay customers, after you receive 24 hours to confirm receipt of your loan, the convenience of our products purchased up service after receipt of payment of arrears is deliberately dishonest, immoral behavior. (the shop support payment: Alipay, bank transfer / remittance)
Exept in the afternoon before 6 o'clock in the remittance of the day of delivery, over at 5 money the next day delivery. Some test shipments next day together.
, the purchase of goods in the seven days have returned (without affecting the second time sale turnover), associate postage buyers pay.
Ahout receipt, remember not to rush to sign, must when the delivery personnel good test re sign for the goods! Look at the packaging is intact, and mail the standard weight is consistent with the physical check, there are no signs apart, if there are differences, please notify us immediately.
The watch prices may change at any time, buyers to purchase goods in order to pay consulting was price, buyers can not because after the purchase of commodity price ask for compensation.
The following special remind
This shop, general packaging products is in foam package, coupled with the outside of the carton. In addition, according to customer requirements with gift box packaging, but must be another gift box packaging costs, different gift box prices are different. Customer understanding and clear!!
] any watches are not in warm water or in the bathroom to wear, even if your watch is waterproof watch, because watch sealing ring is a rubber, the temperature is easy to aging. I strongly advise you to sign in, be sure to express company personnel to open the package and acceptance of goods, thank you!
after-sale service
Thank you very much in many sellers to buy our products, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of you, remove your trouble back at home, we will according to the relevant provisions of the state (,), to you made following warranty service commitments:Since the date of purchase, buyers have just received a product found problems (caused by transportation, we before delivery is 100% tested OK) or normal use of quality problems and provide returned 7 days (does not affect the second sale of maintenance treatment) all postage paid by the buyer.The following is not within the scope of free warranty (also encountered the following problems do not enjoy the replacement service):1, the product has been the wrong operation, improper use of their own use, negligence or due to force majeure (such as: flood, fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.) caused by damage;2, the product has been non factory technical personnel;
3, incorrect operation or maintenance;
4, normal wear and tear, the appearance of serious damage, rupture;
The damage caused by the failure of 5, strong shock or extrusion (such as broken or crushed etc.);
6, shell, is not within the scope of the warranty.
If the goods within the warranty period of the problem, in line with the above warranty policy, the watch will be sent back with the courier, and to pay the note on the specific issues, and return to send the address, name, telephone, member name.
7 If you have any questions, please contact QQ849666925 or cell phone: 18902289588 Ge Sheng
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I wish you a happy shopping in this shop, will thank you for your support Oh (do not good place also please advice)
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Tipe Garansi No Warranty