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brand : Sinobi/ Kenobi
Print LOGO : sure
Processing customization : Is
intended for : female
style : fashion
Whether the patent supply : no
waterproof : sure
Band Material : PU
Dial shape : circular
Whether to import : no
No. : Eight thousand one hundred and seventy-three
colour : White, yellow, red, purple, pink
Suitable for gift giving occasions : Birthday, advertising promotions, business gifts, employee benefits
Product categories : Wrist watch
Shell material : Metal
Box packing quantity : One
Place of Origin : Guangzhou
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Waterproof watch:
Watch waterproof mainly refers to the daily life with waterproof performance. All waterproof sheets are marked with "WATERRESISTANT" in English on the bottom cover. No mark can only watch waterproof dustproof, should avoid water. .30 meters waterproof (3ATM waterproof) can be used for the daily dressing table. 50 meters waterproof (that is, 5ATM waterproof) table can be suitable for swimming in shallow water and water to do industry. All waterproof sheets are not to be used for diving. 30 meters waterproof and 50 meters waterproof is to watch the detection of the waterproof pressure data to mark, absolutely does not mean that the table can be worn to 30 meters or 50 meters underwater, please be sure to pay attention to! Any water tables are not in a hot water bath, sauna and high-temperature and high-pressure environment, because of the waterproof rubber ring and other matched parts for materials of different coefficients of thermal expansion caused by the gap increases, causing water and air intake damage mechanism. So once again to remind you friends, watch is not to wear a bath, wearing a watch bath is very wrong and not desirable. In the autumn and winter seasons or yellow mildew season watches all of a sudden cold, table mirror surface has a layer of fog, which because of the air containing moisture, belonging to the normal physical phenomena, the climate is dry after the disappearance of natural, the movement no big impact.

Watch movement:
Quartz movement: timing accuracy, easy to use, long life, simple structure, small size. Mechanical movement: long service life, with the collection value, good water resistance. Larger volume. Multifunctional movement: fashion, functional and strong. Environmental kinetic energy: environmental protection, no need to replace the battery.

Quartz watch battery:
The shop's pointer type quartz watch is equipped with Japan or Switzerland produced a high energy disposable battery (a one-time discharge, discharge after the termination of the battery that can not be used). The average service life of a battery is about 18 months (the national standard is more than 1 years). People moving power series and light energy series using rechargeable batteries (that is, two times the environmental protection) under normal circumstances do not need to be replaced. In the walking state of the watch can not be pulled out of the 2 stall in a power down state or remove the battery. When replacing the battery, the battery should be avoided.
Travel time error:
According to the national standard GB/T6044-92, QB/T1903-93, automatic watch in full of strong state standard for (excellence in project classification index and a qualified) type I (men's) in real time, poor m S/d - 20 to + 30 - 30 to + 50 to + 90 III type (women) in real time, differentially - 25 ~ 50 - 40 ~ + 80 - 60 to 120 quartz table traveltime error criterion for from m S/d (level of excellence in a qualified) day real-time difference m S/d - 0.5 to + 0.5 - 1.0 to 1.0 - 1.5 ~ 1.5 watches should avoid contact with magnetic field and high temperature environment, otherwise it may cause no walking.

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