Y + H 72mm Red Loop Waterproof Anti-scratch NM Coating Film HMC Filter

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Rincian Produk
  • High quality and new condition
  • Adopting imported German lens, durable for long-term use
  • NM coating film technology makes this digital filter stylish
  • Portable and convenient to carry
  • Decrease exposure when taking pictures
  • Waterproof, oil-proof and anti-scratch digital filter
  • Bring you amazing and wonderful shooting effect
  • Ideal for professionals or shutterbugs
Deskripsi Produk
Gradient camera lens filter is one of the most essential filters for photography. It can effectively deal with any problems when you shooting outdoors or in severe weather, such as light equation or distinct contract between two objects. This 46mm Professional Gradient Camera Lens Filter Gradual Gray is just the one weÙ, €™d like to offer to you! As a gradient filter, it features only one-side gradient effect; so the other side does no effect on shooting result. Highly advanced technology makes this filter a magic helper to bring you amazing results. ThatÙ, €™s worth trying!
• An indispensable part of wonderful photography
• One side of the filter gets gradient effect, and the other side makes no difference to shooting effect
• The gradual camera lens filter brings explosive colors to your pictures
• You can obtain a wide creative variety of colors by superposition with several filters
• Great for landscape shooting or car photography
• It is also desirable to add color to part of the photograph
• This is especially true in situations where you donÙ, €™t have total light control, such as in bright contrast landscapes
• Particularly used for sunrise, sunset, or cloudy days shooting

Products Specifications

Mode 46mm Gradient
Dimensions 1.81" / 4.6cm
Color Gradual Gray
SKU NO210ELAA4O1F9ANID-9237423
Diameter Filter 72
Model Delight Pick-85006377
Tipe Garansi No Warranty