Wuhup OUYAWEI Automatic Watches Branded Mens Classic Stainless Steel Self Wind Skeleton Mechanical Watch Fashion Cross Wristwatch

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Item Type : Mechanical Wristwatches
Case Material : Alloy
Brand Name : OUYAWEI
Water Resistance Depth : 3Bar
Dial Window Material Type : Glass
Movement : Mechanical Hand Wind, Automatic Self-Wind
Dial Diameter : 4 mm
Boxes Cases Material : No package
Clasp Type : Bracelet Clasp
Gender : Men
Style : Fashion Casual
Feature : Complete Calendar, Water Resistant
Case Shape : Round
Band Material Type : Alloy
Band Length : 12 cm
Band Width : 10 mm
Case Thickness : 4 mm
Model Number : 1341
Common problem:
1. Ordinary quartzwatches daily error of less thanone second, Accuracy is dozens of times than the mechanical watch, quartz watch which is mainly due to high and stable quartz oscillator oscillation frequency. Mechanical watches because of their structural problems, the Earth by gravity, the horizontal position and vertical position offset will produce potentiometer, winding to relax from the tight, torque imbalance, coupled by the outside temperature, magnetic field, vibration, and other effects All will work with some errors. International industry standards: mechanical error range of 45 seconds / day superior products, 120 seconds / day for qualified products. 2. Just received automatic mechanical watch, it is not working. Do not wear long or does not work, is not it bad Automatic watches by kinetic energy to go a long time without wearing will stop, when the 1st wearing manually to 30 laps around the winding, usually not less than eight hours to wear every day, in order to guarantee energy. 3. How to use automatic mechanical watches, why always stop walking A: No artificial tight winding of the handle automatic mechanical watches, its power mainly from the wearer's wrist activity its power mainly from the wearer's wrist activity, thereby winding the watch, so when the wearer is not usually amount or activity when not wearing long, string power will be insufficient, or the vent, resulting in denial or stop walking when the watch away. The elderly and those who exercise less sedentary office unfit to wear these watches. In this case, it is recommended to watch regularly wearer manual winding as well. Because automatic mechanical watches have to rely on the swing arm and automatic winding, so must wear more than eight hours a day, to ensure accurate timing. 4. So how should watch newly received debugging and observe it A: First, watch the plastic film are not removed, the tag is intact, automatic mechanical watches in the state of normal temperature. To watch swung to its horizontal state about three minutes, to supplement the winding, guaranteed to work properly. Then regulate the time, began to observe the alignment of a reference; you can observe three hours, align the reference time is accurate; Then again in a horizontal state, swung it around for about three minutes, continue to observe three hours; if two consecutive determinations intact after watches are accurate, generally you can use the normal method to wear. (If the test is not accurate, then, to watch the film in time to keep intact all the new, promptly contact the next tag in the case of our service) New watch in a week, it may be because not enough activity during the day, leading to lack of strength, the evening before the proposed lay down, in a horizontal state to watch swung it around for about one minute, to supplement the winding, to ensure the normal travel time. Mechanical watches can not be close to magnetic objects, since the watch after generation of magnetic inaccurate, if they have the magnet and please you as soon as possible to the service center, do degaussing work. 5. Why is not aligned with the seconds tick A: This is a common phenomenon in quartz table, not a quality problem, stepper motor quartz watches are inherently difficult to stably push forward the second hand at regular intervals, this will not affect the timing accuracy of the watch. The accuracy of the watch is ±.20 seconds / month, is already the highest quality standards of the watch industry. 6. Stainless steel will rust, how Stainless steel hard, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance than copper-based material, but do not press the touch strong corrosive substances. Why sometimes there will be rust steel case watch, steel table and will not rust under normal growth conditions, but watch everything is relative. Many different types of stainless steel wristwatch. Watch the body expel sweat contains ingredients hydrochloric acid, table worn on the hand, watch if the long-term erosion of sweat or dirt accumulation not allow acid salt wipe, watch case will gradually appear rust, especially the back cover low-lying areas. So, usually should pay attention to the maintenance of the watch, often wipe the dust sediments on the case, the sweat and the like. In addition, the watch should avoid wearing a watch operating in strong acid, alkali and other occasions, this watch will not appear rust steel case. 7.Mechanical watches how a voice shaking it It is not bad A: The mechanical watch is provided by rotating flywheel energy, the flywheel of course there will be sound. 8. Why watch the calendar with the calendar does not jump, or jump calendar will be at noon The calendar is 24 hours once the beating, assuming you put 12:00 and 0:00 time difference Irony, calendar week will switch at night without switching noon encountered a similar situation manually adjusted to let more time go 12 hours. 9. Why timepiece exterior parts are generally not covered by the warranty A: The main role of the watch is timekeeping, a variety of problems may occur during use, causing malfunction when walking. Factory production and sales units, the repairer should be required to be three. But the appearance of the watch parts such as: shell, flour, needles, glass, strap, etc. at the time of sale of the two sides should personally check good. After the sale, due to various reasons, glass scratches, cracks, cover scratches, wear watches, etc., generally belong to the use, and therefore not covered under warranty. 10. Why not take my date adjustment method Many customers there will be 12 hours time difference problem, if the date does not jump, just follow these steps to re-adjust once: The first step: Before the day of the week and date are transferred (eg: Today, on the 3rd Friday on the first Thursday transferred to No. 2); the second step: pull the table to two tranches, to adjust the direction of increasing the time until 12 nearby points, date and week jumped a grid. This time on behalf of the morning time! If the 10:00, it is only 10 points ahead adjust to it; if it is 14:00 pm, it must first adjust to, 12:00. Then adjust forward two hours, to 14:00.11. Why not use a predetermined watch battery life no electricity A: Because the production of watch movements existed when the batteries. So continue to consume electricity, not the time you buy it began to consume electricity. So power is exhausted in advance is a normal phenomenon. You only need to replace the battery on it. 12. Why can not wear to swim watch hot bath or hot springs, sauna (in the bathroom) A: Because the water molecules smaller than water molecules hot cold water, easier to penetrate the movement damage. So in a hot bath or hot springs, remove the watch sauna (do not in the bathroom). Do not humid environment or water, to press any key watch. 13. Soon there will be scratches Why buy watches after wearing Without this world never wear something, even diamonds can be cut, not to mention ordinary steel or dial. If you claim never wear, super wear-resistant, I recommend that you do not buy, I can assure my merchandise store with the same, all genuine regular goods, watches with the store wearing the same will produce scratches. Table Mirror Material can basically be divided into plastic mirror, mirror quartz glass, sapphire glass and other categories. Case, strap common materials are plastic, copper, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, high-tech ceramics, gold and so on. Materials used in different models of different brands are also differences, different characteristics of the material durability are also different, but any substance can not never worn. Watch maintenance knowledge: 1. Do not watch near magnetic objects; 2. In case of water phenomenon (water vapor) should be immediately sent maintenance cleaning, avoid movement corrosion; 3. If the table is back with the protective sheet or affixed with labels, before using them peeled off, otherwise the sweat will penetrate the protective backing paper, causing the table back to rust; 4. Do not watch exposed to various solvents and various chemicals, otherwise case strap, etc. due to erosion and discoloration, corrosion; 5. Watches (only quartz watch) within the normal range of 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C can be stable and accurate operation, temperatures exceeding 50 ° C can cause battery leakage or a shorter battery life. Do not leave the table for a long time in a low temperature -10 ° C environment, because cold air will cause the time to go slow or go fast, when the watch returns to normal temperature, run back to normal; 6. The watch can be divided according to the waterproof diving watch, waterproof watch, and no water table. Waterproof watch rely glass table, cover, table, etc. waterproof apron to achieve the appropriate standard, divided into different levels: (1) Anti-sweat (SWEAT-RESISTANT): very easy to understand, merely to prevent the sweat ran inside the table; (2) General waterproof (WATER-RESISTANT): It does not matter that occasionally hit the water, such as watering the flowers you accidentally sprayed into their own hands, do not tense, picked clean, no problem, in short, is to prevent Life occasional small spray; (3.30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): have the watch "30M" word table, which is the water table, and can be used for everyday use grooming or rain, but mainly to prevent movement by dust and moisture damage .30 meters waterproof, professionals explain that every square centimeter area can withstand the pressure of 3 kg, equivalent to 30 m depth under the pressure of approximately stationary state, equivalent to three atmospheres of pressure. For us ordinary consumers We just remember 30m, is the most basic primary water table on it; (4.50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): have the watch "50M" word table, namely 50 m water table, the water table in the minds of consumers on the true meaning, can be used for swimming and general household water watch. Remember not to adjust the water table to; (5) dive tables (100 meters waterproof, waterproof 200 meters, 300 meters waterproof): is a professional water table, it can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work. Friendly reminder: 1. Any water tables are not in contact with hot water, water vapor (such as washing hot water bath, sauna, etc); 2. Try to avoid using large temperature changes in the environment, the internal temperature difference causes the moisture in the air condenses table, causing condensation mist appeared in the water and tables. In case of mist inside the watch, please go to a professional watch repair unit for cleaning and maintenance as soon as possible; 3. The watch is a precision instrument, use care. Good habits can make your love life expectancy tables, bad habits will shorten the life of the watch.
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