Wired USB Dual Shock Sixaxis Controller For Sony PS3 Console PC Video Game

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  • Soft-easy grip
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • USB cable included
  • Designed for Sony PS3 console
  • Cable longth:6 feet
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• The Playstation 3 Wired Controller is designed for exclusively for the PS3 games, so you can play games such as Virtua Tennis 3, Resistance with your buddies without skipping a beat! The Playstation 3 Wired Controller also works on the PC with its USB connection, and it is compatible with all PC games that support USB controllers. Simply hook up the controller to your PC and Windows will install the driver automatically.

• •Dual shock six-axis controller

• •Soft-easy grip

• •Sleek and ergonomic design

• •USB cable included

• •Designed for Sony PS3 console

• •Cable longth:6 feet


• •The function of each button may very depending on the software used. Refer to individual software manual for further details.

Package Include: 1 X PS3 Wired Controller

Compatible With: Sony PS3 PC
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