Ublox M8N GPS Module Compatible With DJI NAZA LITE V1 V2 Flight Controller Phantom

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DA Electronics
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Item name: Ublox M8N GPS
Size: 50x50x12.8mm
Weight: 26.5g (with)
Double LAN+SWA

Using 32-bit processor, compatible with DJI NAZA LITE V1 V2 flight controller, incomparably superior than 8-bit processor.
Please take notice of the arrow on GPS, which stands for the head of flyer.
Similar calibration and usage with DJI GPS.
Coming with soft silicone gel cable 30cm.
For softness, black rubber was wrapped on surface.
(Notice: black cable= GND, white cable=TX, yellow cable=RX, red cable=5V, 3.3-7.5V is ok)
Metal foil label has been mounted on the bottom of GPS to reduce signal interference from other electronic equipments.

Operation Notice:
To calibrate the electronic compass is the first important thing when received your GPS.

Calibration Method:
Connect GPS to Flight controller, dial the model switch of radio control 7-10 times, LED light turns orange; Turn the flyer horizontally one circle, then the LED light turns green; Make the head of flyer downwards and turn it one circle, then the LED light flashed on.

Package included:
1 x NEO-M8N GPS Module with Shel