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Toshiba SSD SATA3 512GB - THNSNH512GCST - Silver

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Rincian Produk
  • 512GB Kapasitas penyimpanan.
  • 2,5-inci dan Model mSATA.
  • 19 nm flash MLC NAND.
  • Cepat akses dan transfer cepat
  • Baik Konsumsi daya.
Deskripsi Produk
This family of solid state drives (SSDs) utilises the advanced Multi-Level Cell (MLC) 19nm NAND technology from Toshiba. With an unrivalled combination of capacity, performance and power efficiency, the THNSNH range delivers an uncompromised storage solution for high end and thin notebooks, tablets, PCs, all-in-one desktop computers as well as industrial PC applications.

Features of Toshiba THNSNH512GCST :
• Up to 512GB of Storage Capacity
• 2.5-inch and mSATA Models
• 19 nm MLC NAND Flash
• Fast Access and Transfer Rates
• Excellent Power Consumption
• Toshiba Strong Error Correction Code (QSBC)
• Data Corrupt Protection from Unexpected Power Loss

• High-end and thin / light notebooks
• All-in-one desktop computers
• Consumer and industrial PCs
• Tablets

Specifications of Toshiba SSD SATA3 512GB - THNSNH512GCST
Capacity 512GB
Transfer Rate 482 MB/s (460 MiB/s)
Dimension Height: 7 mm (ultrabook compatible)
Width: 69.85 mm
Depth: 100 mm
Others Form factor: 2.5"
Interface: SATA Rev. 3.0
SKU TO939ELAA642TGANID-13632014
Hard Drive Capacity 512GB
Model Gogasa-TSSD01SV
Ukuran (L x W x H Cm) 10 x 6.9 x 1.1
Berat (kg) 0.225
Kapasitas Harddisk 512GB
Warranty Period 1 Bulan
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