TERLARIS Amplop Plastik 38 X 52 Cm Set 20 Pcs Pink Amplop Packaging Pink 38x5

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Amplop Plstik x cm set Pcs Pink mplop pckging pink x5

34;Poly Miler is designed to provide mximum protection nd hs excellent puncture

resistnce. Poly Miler is mde of polyethylene film. The specilty bout Poly

miler is tht they re wter. puncture nd ter resistnt. Poly milers hve

white outer surfce nd silver interior lining to provide excellent opcity.

Poly Milers re light in weight nd sves on postge. Poly Milers re

vilble in vriety of sizes. types. styles nd with different type of

cushioning t lowest price. Miling Envelopes re gret for sending items

through the mil. It protects your products looks professionl.

hrg utk pcs

dg kntong ini And sudh berhemt lkbn hemt wktu dn lebih efien kren sudh d perekt jdi tinggl tempel. mudh kn :)

Self Adhesive Sel

Plstic Type: PE


Bg Type: Side Gusset Bg

Size: x cm

Color pink

hrg utk pcs 34;