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Stainless Steel Hollow Love And Hematite Inlayed Couple Bracelet For Woman

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  • Material :316L Stainless Steel,which has strong metal lester and is difficult to be abraded
  • Gender:Women
  • High Polished,which make items smooth and have specular gloss
  • Size: as shown in pictures
  • Element: Magnet,Germanium;Far infrared,Negative ion,Which can relieve muscle ache,provent radiation,adjuust blood pressure,and improve sleeping
  • Item Type: Health Care Bracelet,keep you heathy
  • Healthy decoration,make your life more healthy as well as handsome
  • Brand Name: Vnox
Deskripsi Produk
Product Detail Of Stainless Steel hollow love and hematite inlayed couple bracelet for Woman(Intl)
The Vnox
the VNOX is a brand which sells elaborate and fashionable jewelry.
main material of the product is stainless steel, which is more and more popular as a metal choice for jewelry.because it not only has strong metal luster, but also it's difficult to be abraded and corrode.Besides, stainless steel will not cause allergy.
Bracelet Maintenance Tips
1. Stainless Steel Bracelet cleaning:
Your Stainless Steel Bracelet requires no complicated cleaning or maintenance procedures. To make a cleaning solution for Stainless Steel jewelry, simply mix warm water with a few drops of mild soap.
2. Stainless Steel Bracelet Care Tips:
Keep your bracelet away from harsh chemicals. Avoid your bracelet impacting on any hard substances. It is best to store your bracelet separately. When taking off bracelet, you can place it inside the free box and then put the box in a safe space.
Metal Stainless Steel
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