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Sony External Portable Ssd 128gb - Sl-bg1 / Bc2 - Black Kualitas TOP

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Murah Grosir 07
Update Terakhir : 29 Oktober 2016 17:30 WIB
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  • Berat 1.000 Gram
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Belanja Disini Pasti Aman Beli Sekarang SONY External Portable SSD 128GB - SL-BG1/BC2 - Black Harga Murah Dengn klik li, nd dinggp sudh membc dn phm dengn cttn pelpk yng terletk di bwh deskripsi produk. Terim ksih

Clim grnsi hrus diserhkn sert kotk produk dn semu kelengkpn isi di dlmny.

SONY Externl Portble SSD 128GB - SL-BG1/BC2

Everything You Do On Your Computer, Fster

By utilising flsh memory just like USB stick which genertes less het, solid-stte drives cn deliver fster, more relible performnce thn conventionl externl hrd drives. And with no moveble prts feturing in their design, the chnces of mechnicl brekdown re lso significntly reduced so you cn confident ll of your files will remin sfe nd secure.

Smll enough to fit in your pocket
This stylish externl solid-stte drive is smller thn credit crd. Its ultr-compct, portble design weighs just 35g nd is only 9.4mm thick mking it the perfect size for lmost ny bg or pocket. The durble brushed luminium finish is vilble in choice of either blck or silver, so its bound to impress friends nd collegues like.

Bckup Mnger for intelligent file mngement
Bckup Mnger softwre llows you to bck up dt from your PC or lptop with miniml effort2. The softwre recognises files tht hve en recently chnged or dded nd only trnsfers these over sving you vluble time.

128GB of storge cpcity
Keep your precious files sfe nd secure with 128GB of storge thts enough room to store nd orgnise your photos, videos, music, nd more. And with dded security protection built in, it truly is the sfer, esier wy to mnge your dt.

Pssword Protection Mnger for totl security
Enjoy some pece of mind with Pssword Protection Mnger. Once you ctivte, enter pssword every time you connect to your PC1. You cn choose pssword for certin prtitions nd leve others open for public usge. In ddition, high 256-bit AES encryption dds further security.

USB 3.0 interfce for speedy trnsfers
You wont hnging round witing for your files t