Sandisk Ultra Ii Ssd 960gb - Sdssdhii-960g - Black Murah Meriah

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Murah Grosir 07
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  • Berat 1.000 Gram
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Penawaran Spesial SanDisk Ultra II SSD 960GB - SDSSDHII-960G - Black Murah Meriah SnDisk Ultr II SSD 960GB - SDSSDHII-960G - Blck

Overview of SnDisk Ultr II SSD 960GB - SDSSDHII-960G

Everything You Do On Your Computer, Fster

Boost your PC's performnce up to x with n esy nd ffordble upgrde to SnDisk Ultr II SSD. You'll enjoy no wit boot up nd shorter ppliction lod nd dt trnsfer times thn your trditionl hrd drive ever delivered plus longer bttery life nd much cooler, quieter computing, too. No mtter how you use your PC, SnDisk's nCche 2.0 technology mkes for better experience, delivering consistent high speed nd endurnce.

Up to times better performnce thn typicl hrd disk drive.
No wit boot up nd shut down.
Fster pp lod nd response times.
Up to 15% longer bttery life.
nCche 2.0 technology delivers enhnced speed nd endurnce.
Shock resistnt so your dt's lwys sfe even if you drop your computer.

Performnce Mens More Thn Just Speed

Speed is importnt, nd SnDisk Ultr II SSD delivers it, but our performnce test results mesure more thn the fstest speed computer cn chieve for few seconds t time. Performnce mens how long you cn count on tht speed, how consistently your PC responds, how mny things you cn do t once without stlling out. It mens how well your drive withstnds the stresses the world hnds out. On whole rnge of importnt metrics, SnDisk Ultr II SSD performs up to times better thn the hrd disk drive you're using now.
Huge Storge Cpcity, Built In

You keep lots of tunes, photos nd videos on your PC. You use it for socilizing, shopping, bnking, emil nd your online clsses. You ply gmes by yourself or with other people. few more dozen hndy pps. And then there's work. Amzing how much spce those presenttions, PDFs, spred sheets nd documents tke up. With SnDisk Ultr II SSD, you cn dd enough cpcity for everythi
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