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Sandisk Extreme 900 Portable Ssd 960gb - Sdssdex2-960 - Bla Harga Tem

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Diobral Belanja Disini SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSD 960GB - SDSSDEX2-960 - Black Produk Pilihan Dengn klik li, nd dinggp sudh membc dn phm dengn cttn pelpk yng terletk di bwh deskripsi produk. Terim ksih

SnDisk Extreme Portble SSD 960GB - SDSSDEX-960

High Speed Storge For High Res Photos And Video

Looking for serious storge speeds for your photos, videos nd files? The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD delivers up to 9x fster speeds thn portble hrd drive in up to 1.9TB cpcities to move your mssive files in seconds. Working directly on the drive is more efficient too with fster ccess times. With solid stte technology, there re no moving prts to brek or overhet. SnDisk SecureAccess encryption softwre keeps your files privte. When your livelihood depends on it, trust the brnd professionls rely on with SnDisk Extreme portble SSD.

Fster Thn Fst
Time is money. With up to 9x fster trnsfer speeds thn n externl hrd drive nd twice the speed of other SSDs, the SnDisk Extreme portble SSD drmticlly reduces wit times, ccelerting your work flow, putting your focus bck on working, not witing.

BigIdes Need High Cpcity
Whether youre filming nd editing 4K Ultr HD video, tking detiled high-res photos or creting lrge grphics files, with cpcities up to 1.9TB, the SnDisk Extreme portble SSD cn esily ccommodte your content, no mtter how big the files.

Elegnt Outside, ResilientInside
Dont let the sleek luminum exterior fool you. The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD is both temperture nd impct-resistnt5, so its redy for highs, lows, nd even the occsionl knocking blow.

ForYour Eyes Only
And ny other eyes tht you grnt ccess to. The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD offers encryption to secure your files so you cn sure tht no one hs ccess to your content unless you give it to them.

ItsWht We Do
For more thn yers, SnDisk hs ment flsh memory. Building stte-of-the-rt storge solutions for consumers nd businesses like is our business. Which is why professionl photo