Sandisk Extreme 500 Portable Ssd Usb 3.0 240gb - Sdssdext-2 Best Sell

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Beli Sebelum Kehabisan Stock SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD USB 3.0 240GB - SDSSDEXT-240G - Black Termurah Dengn klik beli, nd dinggp sudh membc dn phm dengn cttn pelpk yng terletk di bwh deskripsi produk. Terim ksih

SnDisk Extreme Portble SSD USB .0 240GB - SDSSDEXT-240G

High-speed Storge for High-res Photos nd Videos

The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD is less thn hlf the size of your smrtphone nd delivers up to 4x the speed of portble hrd drive. Get to work in seconds, trnsfer big videos nd photo librries t up to MB/s speed tht portble hrd drives cn only drem bout. Designed for durbility nd style, this drive is mzingly compct nd hs no moving prts to brek. Solid stte technology offers relible, responsive, high-performnce storge for photogrphers nd videogrphers who cpture nd crry lots of big medi files. When you cre bout your dys work, it pys to mke the SnDisk Extreme your portble storge drive.

Speed Counts
Who wnts to spend precious time witing, witingfor big files to trnsfer nd open? The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD speeds up the pce of business for fst-moving photogrphers nd videogrphers. Time is money fter ll.

Size Mtters
The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD is both very smll nd very big few inches squre nd vilble in 120GB nd 240GB of portble storge for on-the-go medi pros. Think of it s power in your pocketor your cmer bg.

Trust Tough Guy
Bump it. Drop it. Leve it in the hot or cold. The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD is built tough to resist shocks, vibrtions nd temperture extremes.

Protect Your Privcy
SnDisk SecureAccess softwre uses 128-bit encryption to keep privte files from prying eyes.

Sty Cool
Hrd drives generte het. They cnt help it, its how theyre built. The SnDisk Extreme portble SSD is cool nd quiet compnion nd solid prtner on even the busiest of dys.

Its Our Specilty
For more thn yers, SnDisk hs focused on flsh memory. Building stte of the rt storge solutions for consumers nd businesses like. Which is why prof