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Samsung Ssd 850 Evo Msata 250gb - Mz-m5e250bw Best Seller

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Belanja Disini Pasti Aman Beli Sekarang Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 250GigaByte - MZ-M5E250BW Terbaru Dengn klik li, nd dinggp sudh membc dn phm dengn cttn pelpk yng terletk di bwh deskripsi produk. Terim ksih

Clim grnsi hrus diserhkn sert kotk produk dn semu kelengkpn isi di dlmny.

Smsung SSD EVO mSATA 20GigaByte - MZ-ME20BW

The Top SSD for Top Professionls

The evolution of the compct SSD hs rrived with the Smsung SSD EVOmSATA. Combining the st SSD technologies from Smsung EVO, this thin nd exceptionlly light SSD is specificlly designed for ultr-thin lptop personal computers. Plus, EVO mSATA delivers fster-thn-ever, superior performnce with Smsung's 2nd genertion3-bit MLC technology nd superb relibility with self-monitoring fetures. In ddition to these cutting-edge fetures, your personal computer will sty connected longer, consume less energy nd power bck up from the sleep mode instntly. So, don't trde in your current lptop personal computer, simply upgrde it with EVO mSATA. With EVOmSATA, instlled on your current lptop personal computer, your mobile computing will tken to whole new level of performnce.

V-NAND Technology
Smsung's innovtive V-NAND flsh memory rchitecture breksthrough density, performnce, nd endurnce limittions of todys conventionl plnr NAND rchitecture. Smsung V-NAND stcks cell lyers verticlly resulting in higher density nd tter performnce utilizing smller footprint.

TurboWrite Technology
Achieve incredible red/write performnce to mximize your everydy computing experience with Smsung's TurboWrite technology. You cn obtin up to 2x fster rndom red write speeds thn the wrd-winning Smsung EVO. The EVO delivers clss-leding performnce* in sequentil red (0MB/s) nd write (20MB/s) speeds. Plus, gin optimized rndom performnce in ll QD for tter rel-world performnce.

Smsung's Mgicin softwre enbles RAPID Mode for up to 2x fster performnce* by utilizing unused personal computer memory (DRAM) s high-speed cch