SADES K10 LED Backlit Wired USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Blue Switches - Black / Gold

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  • No driver needed.Blue Switches is the core of the SADES K10 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,Strong sense of rhythm and powerful clicking sound.Making you feel super cool and hyper-reality gaming world.Press FN+INS entering different backlight mode.Enjoy more Mechanical Gaming Keyboard fun .
  • ABS double-color injection molding and constructed with floating keycaps,Uniform light transmission and 9 kinds of Brilliant Backlit effect.Definitely eliminating Keycaps data fade.
  • FN+Windows is Combining function keys for Lock / unlock function for WINDOWS key to avoid miss clicks / distractions during gaming,
  • Ergonomically curved Keycaps, smooth lines. Hundreds of professional gamers to participate in the competition test.Very Comfortable operation feeling. 6pcs Wearable TPF rubber pad to ensure that the keyboard does not slide and in the meantime do not leave scratches on your desktop .
  • Gold-plated USB universal interface, flexible and transparent braided cable. Anti-knotted, anti-pull, anti-bite.Plus ultra-long lifetime durability, perfect for all gamers
Deskripsi Produk

1.Fn+F1 Music
2. Fn+F2 Volume-
3.Fn+F3 Volume+
4.Fn+F4 Mute
5. Fn+F5 Stop
6.Fn+F6 Previous
7.Fn+F7 Play/Pause
8. Fn+F8 Next
9.Fn+F9 Email
10.Fn+F10 Web/home
11.Fn+F11 On/Off Multimedia function
12.Fn+F12 Calculator.

•.14.3cm x 13.6cm
• Cord Length: 1.8 m/70.87 inches
• Standard Keys: 104
• Key Switch: Blue switch
• Operating Force: 50±15g
• Travel(Total): 2.0±0.2 mm
• Net Weight: 1300g±15 g
• N-key-rollover: Support
• USB interface: USB full speed 2.0
• Operating Voltage: 5V
• Compatibility: Windows Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Mac OS/Linux
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