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Reeves Modelling Paste 200ml

Rp. 50.000 Lima Puluh Ribu Rupiah
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Raja Art Graphic
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Update Terakhir : 30 April 2017 02:33 WIB
Rincian Produk
  • Berat 300 Gram
  • Asuransi Opsional
  • Kondisi Baru
  • Pemesanan Min. 1
Deskripsi Produk
This Reeves Modelling Paste is an opaque matt structure paste that is ideal for creating 3D effects. When added to acrylic paint the paste thickens the consistency of the paint. It produces brush stroke retention in paintings and can be used on its own to build up texture. When dry it can be painted with Reeves acrylic colours or mixed with colour before application. Rigid and water resistant when dry.