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brand : WWOOR/ grip love
Whether to import : no
Model : Eight thousand eight hundred and six
Print LOGO : May not
Processing customization : yes
Special function : Small three needle
Display type : Pointer
Intended for : female
style : Leisure time
Whether the patent supply : no
waterproof : Sure
Waterproof property : 30M
Movement type : quartz
Movement brand : CITIZEN Japan MIYOTA
Movement origin : Japan
Movement name : 7T35
thickness : 8mm
Dial diameter : 26.5mm
Crown type : ordinary
Table bottom type : ordinary
Specular Shading : Mineral reinforced glass mirror
Table button style : Pin buckle
Buckle material : Stainless steel
Band Material : Genuine leather
Dial shape : square
Case Material : alloy
Origin (domestic) : Guangdong Province
Packaging specifications : 10x10x7cm
No. : WR-8806
colour : Gold belt, gold shell vaginal discharge, gold shell brown belt, gold shell black belt, silver shell red belt, silver shell vaginal discharge, silver shell black belt, silver shell brown belt
Movement : quartz
Box packing quantity : One hundred
Place of Origin : China

Customers to buy the former notes: hold love watch movement are all using imported genuine movement - battery is the Japanese original genuine battery - plating is the use of full vacuum furnace plating - belt are all head layer cowhide - each section can waterproof life! But don't accept a hot bath!
1) goods sold within 7 days after the package returned, but shall not affect the two sale, return the package must be complete.
8) freight 2 yuan (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), The return postage is not refundable, because our products are not shipping, please know.3) within 48 hours after payment orders, delivery (holidays may delay), in the period of normal delivery do not reminder; Guangdong Province, generally the next day to; provincial 3-5 days; remote areas of 5-7 days. At the same time, efficiency is only for buyers, not as a reason for a refund. Default courier for the application, If you need to specify other courier, please contact customer service before.4) hold love all watches are equipped with fine default battery packing and a particle, such as higher or use the gifts we also made a luxury packaging, each luxury packaging to add another 5 yuan, please with the product pat next payment, luxury packaging link
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About us:
Guangzhou Jin Fu Co., LIMITEDCompany is a professional design and production of a variety ofhandTable, all steel watch, mechanical watch, Quartz watch, sports watch, Strap Watch, Gift table, business gift table, advertisement promotion watch, PVCAdvertisement table, children table, Ms table, silica gel table, plastic table, Fashion watch, diamond watch, wrist watch, bracelet watch, nurses table, watch, watch, watch lovers, Radio watch, solar watch, all kinds ofMemorial watches, etc.Company's product range, style novel, different grades. With many years of sales experience, always put the product quality in the first place, strive for excellence, meticulous, and strive for our customers carefully to create a unique watch products, Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company to visit, guidance and business negotiation (to sample to map production).
Watch common sense:
1And the error range of the watch is normal
General mechanical table allows the error is about 30 seconds per day, quartz watch for about 15 seconds, the specific error must be used according to the watch movement.
2Watch battery life is how long
The battery life is usually ranging from 1-5 years, depending on the type, size of the watch, as well as the energy required for different functions. For example, time consumption of energy than the wrist watch indicating the hours and minutes only high. When the second hand began to jump every 4 seconds once, when the battery should be replaced.
3Can I wear a watch to swim or take a bath
Daily life with waterproof (waterproof 30 meters below): can prevent sweat, rain or wash your face when the water drop. Although the splash into the water, but not for the bath, swimming, diving, etc. - daily life in strengthening waterproof (waterproof: 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters): can be used in water work or exercise (swimming, surfing, etc.) or snorkeling is used frequently. - diving waterproof (waterproof: 200 meters): can be used for snorkeling or scuba diving time. Different diving depth, more can be divided into air diving with water, saturated with water, more professional (1000mm - 600mm) with waterproof function.
No watch can be worn to take a bath!
4How to ensure that the use of watches can last for many years
- magnetic field: do not watch is exposed to a strong magnetic field, such as a loudspeaker or a refrigerator and other electromagnetic devices nearby. Sea water: after the contact with the sea water, you must clean the watch with a clean warm water. Table crown: according to the table, carefully press inward or rotation of the crown, in order to ensure that the mechanical device is not water. - clean: for metal bracelets and all waterproof watchcase, dip in with soapy water toothbrush for cleaning, and then with a soft cloth to wipe. - chemical products: avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics etc., they may may damage the watchband, watchcase or washer.
Model Generic
Tipe Garansi No Warranty
Watch Strap Color Not Specified