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brand : Yardang
Whether to import : no
Print LOGO : Sure
Processing customization : yes
Intended for : currency
style : Leisure time
Whether the patent supply : no
waterproof : Sure
Waterproof property : 30M
Movement type : quartz
Movement brand : CITIZEN Japan MIYOTA
Specular Shading : Plain glass mirror
Band Material : Genuine leather
Dial shape : circular
Case Material : Metal
Origin (domestic) : Guangdong Province
No. : One thousand four hundred and ninety-eight
colour : White, red, purple, blue, black
Product categories : Wrist Watch
Movement : quartz
Place of Origin : Shenzhen
Shenzhen Guangzhou factory direct supply of the primary sources of national recruitment agency on behalf of aSouth Korea register brand quantity is large first
Please add micro signal 13711632188
Watch description:

[material]: high quality alloy watchcase watchcase

[material]: Leather Watchband

[rear cover material]: stainless steel back cover, waterproof structure/Reachable waterproof3degree

[mirror material]: flat sheet glass/Spherical glass[material]: Copper dial, can be customizedLOGO

[movement]: Japanese quartz movement[battery]: (1year-2Life expectancy[function]: two needles/Three needles, time display[waterproof]: Waterproof life/30rice[including]: DialLOGOArbitrary design (according to the specific requirements)[packing]: a single sheet into a plastic bag

[box]:39*27*24.5CM 200Only a box of net weight of approximately15KG, 12KG

This weight is for reference only, and the final box is calculated according to the actual packing weight.

Gift box packaging:1 PCSenter1Packing belt, 100individual/Box, box can be hitLOGO, the price of a box.

[price]: on the Internet as a reference price, the specific price according to the quantity and requirements

[delivery time]: out of sample3Day, confirm the order14Day delivery time

[Payment]: prepaid30%Deposit, after the end of the payment of inspection.

[preferential]: the more amounts of concessions, support Alipay

[contact]: Zou Sheng

[telephone]:Thirteen billion seven hundred and eleven million six hundred and thirty-two thousand one hundred and eighty-eight

[WeChat]:Thirteen billion seven hundred and eleven million six hundred and thirty-two thousand one hundred and eighty-eight

Maintenance of common sense.
(1) wear a watch, hand sweat to the case is corrosive, the steel case is due to Ni Cr alloy, better corrosion resistance, semi steel case is copper, a long-term contact with sweat, easy corrosion, should often use a soft cloth to wipe the sweat or pad plastic table support, to prevent its being sweat erosion.
(2Do not open the back cover at will, so as to prevent the dust from entering the movement and affect the normal operation of the watch.
(3) don't put the timepiece in mothballs in the wardrobe, in order to avoid the deterioration of the oil table.
(4Do not put the watch on the radio, TV set, so as not to magnetization.
(5The watch that is not worn for a long time should be wound up once a month, so that the parts will not be stationary for a long time, in order to ensure the running performance of the machine.

Watch how the water into the water
If water is not serious, just watch glass has a layer of fog, then available layers of toilet paper or easy moisture absorption flannelette table packed tightly, at a distance of40Watt light bulb15Baking about30Minutes, you can eliminate water vapor. Avoid by all means will the table cover near fire, so as to avoid the heat deformation. Can Biumonds Hei and pan out, anti worn on the wrist, you can eliminate the water after two hours. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send the table shop to wipe the oil, remove the movement of water, in order to avoid parts rust.
Model OEM
Tipe Garansi No Warranty