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PSU / Power Supply Enermax PLATIMAX DF EPF500AWT - 500W - FULL MODUL

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PSU / Power Supply Enermax PLATIMAX DF EPF500AWT - 500W - FULL MODULAR

Product Introduction
Enermax enhances it's superior PSU Series with the new Platimax D.F. Series.
This new fully-modular PSU combines excellent 89PLUS Platinum efficiency and very silent operation.
The installed 13.9cm DFR fan is equipped with a self cleaning function that keeps the inside of the power supply clean.
Due to the patented DFR (Dust Free Rotation) Technology the fan is able to spin in reverse for the first 10 seconds after the start to blow away settled dust from the fan blades. After 10 seconds the fan switches to normal operation mode automatically.
This high-end PSU is available in 500W and 600W to ensure perfect usability for core gamers and graphic workstations.
Within this PSU only high-quality components are used such as 10005C japanese capacitors to ensure a stable and reliable operation.

80 PLUS Platinum*
ErP Lot 6 ready

Copper Bridge Array
Single Rail Design
Full Gaming Power
Extreme Density Transformer

Full-modular Cable Management
Enhanced Cable Management
DXXI ready!

ZERO Load Design
Intel ATX12V v2.4
Worldwide Compatibility

Air Cooling by Enermax
Dust Free Rotation Technology

Quality & Safety:
High-quality Electrolytic Capacitors

Dimensions & Warranty:
Dimensions (W x H x D)
EPF500AWT / EPF600AWT: 150mm x 86mm x 160mm
5 years vendor warranty

Power Supply Platimax 500/600W
Modular Cables
Cable bag
4 screws
Cable Ties
User manual

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Garansi Resmi dari Distributor Enermax Indonesia.