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Ooplm Flower Plum Blossom Cut Outs Cookie Cutters, Set Of 3 (Intl)

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  • Condition:100% Brand new; Material:Stainless Steel
  • Set of 3 different size
  • With cut-outs it is easy to make fun 3-D shapes for your fondant cakes and cupcakes
  • Just roll out the fondant,press down with cut-outs and lift away Remove shapes with a small spatula
  • Three different size:7x2.5cm/2.76x0.98inch(L); 6.1x2.5cm/2.4x0.98inch(M); 4.5x2.5cm/1.77x0.98inch(S)
Deskripsi Produk
Layered decorations!Stack cut-out fondant pieces in different sizes and colors.
Fondant fill-ins!Use a smaller cut-out to remove the center of your fondant decoration.Fill in with a different color.
Cake insets.
Cut out shapes from your fondant-covered cake, then replace the pieces with your favorite colors.
Colors:Show as picture.
Model OEM
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