NiceEshop Digital Multimeter LCD Ammeter Resistance Capacitance Tester (Black&Yellow)

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Rincian Produk
  • Accurate, compact, handheld, easy to carry and operate, battery powered
  • Overload protection on all ranges
  • Automatic shutdown function for idle use
  • COMS integrated circuit, the principle of double integral A/D conversion
  • Automatic zero, auto-polarity selection; High quality test buzzer sound and LED indication
Deskripsi Produk
Size: 190mmx90mmx30mm/7.5x3.5x1.9inch
Maximum voltage between terminals and earth ground: 1000DC or 700VAC
Fuse proteciton: F 200mA/250V
Power: 9V battery, NEDA 160.0r 6F22
Display: LCD
Operating temperature: 0~40℃
Storage temperature: -10~50℃
AC Voltage (V): 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 700V
DC Voltage (V): 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 1000V
AC Current (A): 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 20A
DC Current (A): 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 20A
Resistance (Ohm): 200,2k, 20k, 200k, 2M, 20M, 200M, 2000M
Capacitance (F): 2nF, 20nF, 200nF, 2uF, 200uF
Model NiceEshop
Ukuran (L x W x H Cm) 1 x 1 x 1
Tipe Garansi No Warranty