NiceEshop 3-Pin / 4-Pin 120x120x25mm LED Quiet Edition High Airflow Low Noise High PressureFan Single Pack 15-RLED Mini Cooling Cooler Fan, Blue

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  • Fan Size: 120.120x25mm/4.7x4.7x1 inch
  • Cooling fan for desktop computer case and CPU Cooler.
  • Can into any standard 80mm fan hold. With max air flow of 53.02CFM and Noise level of 16 dB
  • Static Pressure (mm/H2O): 1.073 mm/H2O, Power: DC 1500RPM
  • Different Color LED Computer Case Fan ensure that your computer will run quietly and cool at any conditio
Deskripsi Produk
Super Cooling Performance and LED Illumination
NiceEshop Air Series LED high airflow PC case fans combine efficient, low-noise airflow with striking LED lighting. The custom-molded blades are designed for high-volume air delivery with less noise and turbulence than typical case fans. They're translucent, with a frosted texture, so the light from the four LEDs adds a dramatic effect.

Tuned for High-airflow, Large Volume Cooling
For high restriction areas like hard drive cages or in other tight spaces where there's less air volume, check out our Air Series SP models of high static pressure fans.

Better Performance than Standard Case Fans
Air Series AF fan models are designed to outperform standard case fans. The blades are custom-molded for optimal airflow, and they're ultra-thin for less noise and turbulence. The sleeved bearing system reduces vibration for quiet operation.

Kindly Note
Computer working, the fans produce more than 95% of the noise, poorly installed fan possible because of the noise generated total shock. Resonance secretly damage computer components, which bring harm to the internal component of mainboard, hard drive, video card, CPU. Silicone mat, can effectively absorb the shock of the chassis to protect their computer hardware. Let the fan firmly fixed.
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