NFC Smart Ring For Android Wp8 Mobile Phone Wear Magic LG Samsung HTC (Black)

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Rincian Produk
  • Note:The item is Only Available for all of Android system mobiles with NFC.
  • Frequency:13.56MHZ
  • Range to cover:1.5cm
  • Work temperature:-50~+80℃
  • Inner diameter:Size 7 (54mm);Size 8 (57.1mm);Size 9 (60mm);Size 10 (62.8mm);Size 11 (66mm);
Deskripsi Produk

Place of crystal diamond is chip area, the other side of ring is the second chip area,
different areas for the different functions of application (put on correctly to ensure the
place of diamond is in the center of finger guarantee the best read-write function of
each magic ring area chip.

The first installation and connection:
• 1. Start the NFC function of mobile
• 2. Scan the QR code on the back of packing box and download “NFC TaskEditerâ€� and
• “NFC shareportâ€� App.
• 3. Acording to the Operating Instruction of these two app to use.

• 1. Read the instruction carefully and observe as following.
• 2. Wear the magic ring correctly to use (Place of crystal diamond is palm area, the
• other side of ring is hand back area, keep the crystal diamond in the center of finger,
• and the correct position of magic ring is the important factor to guarantee the readwrite
• distance and sending effect)
• 3. Use the official software to connect the magic ring, the unofficial software may lock
• the read-write of magic ring, and contact with customer service of WeChat to unlock
• by return or as the explanation of customer service.
• 4. Please be informed that the high strength friction of product may scratch the surface
• pattern and luster.
• 5. The liquid of acid, alkaline or alcohol may impact on the adhesion structure of
• product, clean on time in case of unexpected touch please.
• 6. Do not contact with fire or article and liquid over 80℃.
• 7. Do not disassemble or repair the product by yourself to avoid the interruption of
• signal receiver, which uses the one time adhesion process. Contact with the
• customer service of WeChat for any problem of product and change as A/S.
• 8. Put the magic ring in the original package in case of no operation for a long time in
• order to avoid the interference in strong magnetic area and loss of data.
• 9. Do no loss the bar code on the bottom of gift box of product which is the unique
• data to bind / unbind and A/S, and we suggest to copy it for the reuse.
• 10. Some NFC receiver on the battery, and some of them on the back case, so
• confirm the original battery or back case with NFC receiver of mobile before
• the usage please.
• 11. Do not place the weight on the product.
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