MEGA Doorbell 3.5 Inch 120 Degree Wide-Angle Lens, Night Vision Camera

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Display screen 3.5" LCD color screen Resolution of 480*320
Image sensor 2.0 mega pixel camera resolution
Real viewing angle 120°real viewing angle
Supply power batteries(1.5V AAAx4pcs)
Door hole diameter: 12.5-40mm
Door thickness: 35-110mm
Indoor device size: 118x62x18
Outdoor device size: 57x47x12mm

Function Operations:
Pressing power button to display image through the display screento observe the scene outdoor after 15s the unit will be offautomatically
1. Power on: Pressing doorbell button to power on or pressingpower button to power on.
2. Power off: Power off automatically after power on 15s; Duringpower on status pressing power button 3s to make power offtoo.
3. Make photo: Pressing doorbell button or power button to makephoto. When the built-in memory is full it will cycle to deletethe former picture.
4. Scan: Press up or down button to review picture press powerbutton to exit.
5. Power off time: During the power on status pressing the UPbutton for 3 seconds to select power off time: 15S/25S/OFF. Pleasenote that the unit will not turn off automatically when it's in"OFF" mode
6. Format built-in memory: During the power on status pressing theDOWN button for 3 seconds to select format: "Yes" or "NO".Select"Yes" to delete all photos in memory

Common Problems and Treatment Methods:
Question 1: The screen shows no picture or "sensor fail"
Solution: 1. The problem is usually casued by the cable connectorloose or shake pls power-off the device and connect the cableagain
2. The cableis broken and damaged Please check the cable in good condition ornot
Question 2: The device can't open or power-off automatically
Solution: Please check whether the battery is in low power andchange new ones if needed
Ukuran (L x W x H Cm) 12x6.3x2.3
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