Meetion Mechanical Keyboard TKL

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Deskripsi Produk
Warna Silver
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Compact, corded keyboard with mechanical switch
Four different key switches available : black, red, brown, blue
50 million+ operations for each key
Injection molding double color keycaps
Big armchair designed to reduce wrist fatigue
simultaneous operation all keys with out any key ghosting effects
Win - Key lock:Windows buttons can be disabled
USB connection for laptops and PCs

Game mode and key custom setting
FN+1=model 1 FPS ASDW ESC (light)
FN+2=model2 (CF)ASDW.ctrl.shift.alt.spaceR.G.Q.E.B.1-5 Tab.F1-F3.Home.End.Pgup.PgDn PrtSc(light)
FN+3=model 3 (COD) - QWERTASDFGCV 1-7 Ctrl shift (light)
FN+4= model 4 (RTS)- QWERASDGXZFKLHMNUYTP Space 1-0 Ctrl Shift Alt (light)
FN+5=model 5(LOL)-QWER DGFBV CTRL ALT TAB SPACE 1-6 esc light
FN+6 = model 6 (car rose)-ASDW Ctrl Shift Alt light
FB+7= model 7 (NBA)-AFSWRE Space ZXCV 1234 light
FN+8= model 8 (LOL simple)-QWERDFB 1-6
FN+9= customized 1 self design 1
FN+10= customized 2- self design 2
The above game mode and custom model can enter into directly by pressing combination key in any game mode
Custom button lights mode setting method
FN+HOME= Recording key
FN+END= Store key
Press FN+9 or FN+0 enter the corresponding game mode. Press FN+home into

Dimensions approx:453*187*36 mm
Cable length approx:1.50m
Current consumption max.100mA
Connection USB