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LL Trader Original Quality Black LCD Display Touch Screen GlassLenswith Repair Tool Kits For Nokia Lumia 520 N520

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Rincian Produk
  • 100% Brand New
  • Original Touch Screen Glass
  • Free Shipping
  • Replacement For Broken, Cracked, Damaged Screen
Deskripsi Produk
LL Trader Original Quality Black LCD Display Touch Screen GlassLens with Repair Tool Kits For Nokia Lumia 520 N520
• Replacement Touch Screen for Nokia Lumia 520 "
• Make your device looks like brand new "
• Completely fit and work
• Each item has been checked and in good condition beforeshipping "
• Professional installation is highly recommended. We will not beresponsible for any damages to your cellphone/mobile phone that youmay cause during the changing of replacement parts

Notes Before Installation "
• Tips 1: Avoiding static electricity or removing the film beforeinstallation. "When testing, do not remove any protective filmor tags. Please pay attention to the problem of staticelectricity. "Before attempting any repair, be sure to groundyourself is an ESD (electro static discharge) strap. This willprevent static electricity from damaging the electronic componentswithin the phone. "
• Tips 2: Testing "Screen replacement is very fragileproduct. We strongly suggest test before installation. Pleaseconnect all the cables to the phone but do not fit it in, power on, see if the display and touch works. If it works OK, please installit like usual. If it does not work normal, please contact us at thevery first time. And please do not press it to fit it in the phonemobile phone. We will not be responsible if the mobile phone orscreen is damaged during installation. "
• Tips 3: Do not over-bend the cables. "Please make sure LCDcable will not been over-bent. Over 90 degrees bent will causeblack screen problem.
Compatibility By Model Nokia Lumia 520
Model WeThink-WeThinkabx3dAxg
Tipe Garansi No Warranty
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