Lak Classic Stempel Segel Lilin Awal Alfabet Retro Kayu (Huruf H)

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Rincian Produk
  • Bahan: Kayu
  • Diameter: Perkiraan. 0.98 inch/2.5 cm
  • Panjang: Perkiraan. 3.54 inci/9 cm
  • Banyak digunakan untuk bea cukai, keamanan, perbankan, asuransi, hukum, anti-pemalsuan kemasan, mewah seni, kerajinan, hadiah, Stat
Deskripsi Produk
Sealing Wax Classic Initial Wax Seal Stamp Alphabet Retro Wood (Letter H)
100% Brand new and high quality
Widely used for customs, security, banking, insurance, legal, anti-counterfeiting packaging, high-end arts, crafts, gifts, stationery, daily necessities, craft gifts, invitations, etc.
Avoid to opening furtively for important documents and some private information
Remembering a time in the past, when communication was done with a quill stylus and a well of ink, and the family seal pressed into wax on the fold was proof that your message was private and unread until the seal was broken.
Our brass seal is mounted on a hand turned rosewood handle.
Skilled wood turners are hard to find, and engravers even harder.
This exquisite seal adds a touch of value and permanence to letters, envelopes, certificates and documents, a bit retro but so charming and old-world.
Seal Letter: A
Material: Wood
Diameter: Approx.
0.98inch / 2.5cm
Length: Approx.
3.54inch / 9cm
Included :1 x Sealing Wax Stampination required to use this weight loss tool
Count calories, number of jumps and use timer
Easily stored or taken on holiday
Timer and Chronograph
Calorie burned and number of jumps can be tracked
Timer: 60m:00s (Max)
Chronograph: 59m:59s
Weight range: 20~110kg
Jumping count range: 0~9999
Calorie count rangge: 0~9999
Color: pink
Auto-off after 10 min
Timer, Calorie Counter, Jumping Counter
Material: ABS plastic sponge handle
Battery size: 2 x AA batteries
Handle diameter: 40mm
Handle height: 150mm
Weight: Said your weight
Jump: The number of jumping rope
KCAL: The consumption of calories
Timer: Movement of the time
Package included:100% Brand New,1 x Cordless jumping rope device,1 x Battery removal key tool,2 x AA batteries,1 x English Manual
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