Jual Testo 417 Vane Anemometer W / Built-in Vane

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The compact testo 417 anemometer kit with built-in flow/temperature vane 100 mm to measure flow speed, volume flow and temperature. Volume flow is shown directly in the display. Accurate volume flow calculation thanks to easy input of duct area. In addition, it is easy to switch to the current temperature reading. The flow direction, i.e. drawn in or blowing, is visible in the display. Timed and multi-point mean calculation provide information on mean volume flow, flow speed and temperature readings. The optional funnel set facilitates efficient measurements at ventilator grilles and disc outlets. Min/max values can also be shown in the display. Current readings can be frozen in the display using the Hold function.
Direction of flow recognition
Temperature, flow and volume flow measurement
Multi-point and timed mean calculation
Max/min values
Hold button to freeze readings
Display light
Auto Off function
Built-in 100 mm vane
Flow can be measured in m/s or fpm and Volume in m3h, l/s or cfm