Jual Swoffer Model 2100-12 Current Velocity Meters With 2-1/2'L Wading Rod

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For 6/10 depth method. 3 Wand easily measures stream depth to 2-1/2 then places the sensor 6/10 of the stream depth from the surface. Primarily used when wading, it is lightweight enough to be carried on a backpack. Shipped in two pieces; one weighs 2 lbs., the other 3 lbs.
A portable, reliable means of measuring open stream velocities in the range of 0.1 to 25 feet per second or 0.03 to 7.5 meters per second (selectable). Measurements can be read in feet or meters on your choice of two digital readout indicator models, both with better than 1% accuracy. Each meter includes a meter indicator, shoulder strap and snap ring, and PVC shipping/storage tube for the sensor. 2100 Series includes a 9V battery, and the 3000 series includes four AA batteries. Sensor The sensor uses a 2 propeller which rotates a fiber-optic bundle to create a signal from a photodiode to a photosensitive transistor. This signal is transferred via cable to the indicator where velocity is displayed. Resolution of the display is to hundredths. The propeller is swivel mounted for easy storage. A quick-disconnect, waterproof cable connection is located at the indicator.