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The Hondex PS-7 Depth Sounder measures distances through water. It will give an accurate reading from 0.6m up to a distance of 80m. Use the sounder in conjunction with a GPS to produce rough topographical maps of lakes and shorelines. For example, this kind of information would be useful for a macrophyte survey to see which plants live at which depths. You could also use this sounder when diving to measure horizontal distances such as from a wreck site to the shoreor to the rock which it crashed on.
The PS-7 is waterproof to a depth of 50 m. The transducer in the end of the unit must touch the water as sonar will not read through air. Readings are accurate from 0.6 m to 80m, measured in metres or feet to the nearest tenth. A reading holds for 10 seconds or updates each time the switch is pushed. The 9V battery will power 500 ten-second readings.
Specifications :
Display: LCD 7 Segment
Backlight: LED
Operating Frequency: 200Khz
Beam Angle: 24Deg
Depth Scale: 0.6 ~ 80 Metres
Waterproof: to 50 Metres Depth
Operating Voltage: 9 Volts
Battery Type: Dry Cell 006P
Battery Life: Approx 500 Activations
Weight: 300g
Dimensions: 42mm Diameter x 198 Long.