Jual Global Water WE100 Barometric Pressure Transmitter

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Global Waters highly accurate Barometric Pressure Sensor covers a pressure range from 800 to 1100 mb. The barometric pressure transmitter is fully temperature compensated within an operating range of -40 to 65 C. The barometric pressure sensors are attached to 25 ft of marine grade cable, with lengths up to 500 ft available upon request. The barometric pressure transmitters output is 4-20 mA with a two wire configuration. Global Waters PC320 Barometric Pressure Meter and Controller uses the barometric pressure transmitters output to trigger alarms. In addition, Global Water offers the GL500 Barometric Pressure Recorder, which adds recording capabilities to the barometric pressure transmitter. The GL500 Barometric Pressure Recorder connects to the barometric pressure sensors 4-20mA output to record data.
Features :
4-20 mA output
Marine grade cable with strain relief
Includes :
Global Water WE100 Barometric Pressure Transmitter
25ft of Cable
Instruction Manual.
Specifications :
Output: 4-20 mA
Range: 800-1100 mb
Accuracy: 1% of full scale
Linearity/Hysteresis: 0.1%
Operating Voltage: 10-36 VDC
Current Draw: Same as sensor output
Warm Up Time: 3 seconds minimum
Operating Temp: -40 to +131F (-40 to +55C)
Sensor Size: 3x2x1 inch (765125 cm)
Weight: 0.13 lb. (59 g).