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The Extech FG100 Combustible Gas Leak Detector is a simple, yet effective piece of leak detection equipment. Capable of detecting emissions of propane gas between 500 and 6500 parts per million (ppm), and also able to alert you to natural gas when levels are between 1000 and 6500 ppm, this gas detector has been designed for the purposes of recognising when dangerous and flammable liquids are leaking from canisters and other containers. Extech recommends that this device is not used for long-term leak detection, and just occasional tests, as it will not be able to work sufficiently as a gas detector for complicated machinery and motors.
The Extech FG100 Combustible Gas Leak Detector is equipped with a cap that protects the sensor, ensuring that accuracy is not compromised by exposure to the environment. To activate the gas detector, all you need to do is turn the device on using the switch provided. Should levels of LNG or LPG fall within the parameters that this leak detection equipment is capable of identifying, LED lights will flash and an audible alarm will sound. The Extech FG100 Combustible Gas Leak Detector can be powered by two heavy duty AAA batteries, and can work non-stop for four hours without interruption.
A green light indicates that there is no problem with the air tested, but a yellow light will start to flash if there is static electricity in the environment. Finally, the red light is used for gas leak detection, and where possible, you should test this equipment on occasion to ensure that the unit is working correctly. If you find that there is a problem with the gas detector, try replacing the batteries.