Jual Dakota Cmx Ultrasonic Coating Amp Wall Thickness Gauge Terlaris

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Jul Jul Dkot CMX Ultrsonic Coting mp Wll Thickness Guge Terlris

Dptkn terbik Tlp < trget="_blnk" CMX hs ll fetures of the MX MMX guges with ton of dvnced fetures. Mesure mteril nd coting thickness simultneously. while still detecting pits flws in single mode (PECT). Auto pro zero. uto pro recognition. uto temperture compenstion re lso included. Selectble Lrge Digits nd B-Scn disply options. up to custom user definble setups. selectble trnsducer tble for precision linerity. nd mteril nd coting clibrtion options re lso vilble.
Our stndrd thru pint mode is is still included nd ongoing. Switch tween modes. ccording the trnsducer recognized or mnully selected. position gin switch llows the user to djust to certin mteril types nd successful with common but difficult ppliction scenrios. This guge is relly loded with ton of fetures nd dded nefits. Its ll very nicely pckged in very smll portble luminum extrusion for extr durbility. Our DkView jv-bsed PC or MAC OSX softwre is lso prt of the kit.
Fetures :
Powered by 100MHz DSP pltform using FPGA technology
Two Chnnels Dul pulsers nd receivers
Up to 140Hz pulse repetition rte
Disply updte rte of 2 times per second
Adjustble gin settings vlow. low. med. hi. vhi
Automtic gin control (AGC)
Time corrected gin (TCG)
Mssive dt storge (32 Megbit of non-voltile RAM)
Mesurement modes: Pulse-Echo. Pulse-Echo w/Coting. Pulse-Echo w/Temperture Compen stion. Echo-Echo. Echo-Echo Verify Coting Only
Automtic: pro zero. pro recognition. nd temperture compenstion
Stores up to custom setups for specific pplictions
High Speed Scn of up to 0 redings persecond
Audible/visul lrm with hi nd lo limit settings
Built-in differentil mode for QC inspetions