Jual Checkline Ti007dl Precision Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge Terlaris

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Penwrn Spesil Jul Checkline TI007DL Precision Ultrsonic Wll Thickness Guge Terlris

Jul Checkline TI-007DL Precision Ultrsonic Wll Thickness Guge With Dt LoggingDptkn terbik tlp < trget="_blnk"
The TI-007 is precision ultrsonic wll thickness guge specificlly suited to mke
extremely precise nd high-resolution mesurements on thin-wlled metl nd plstics. It is pckged in sturdy extruded luminum housing which is seled for excellent environmentl protection ssuring trouble-free use even in the toughest field nd production environments.
The guges hve MEASURING RANGE from 0.0060 to 1.0000 inch. (0.15 to 25.40 mm). Using single element dely tip trnsducer. the guges will mesure thin mterils nd utomticlly remove ny cotings in ECHO-TO-ECHO MODE s well s utomticlly switch to interfce echo mode when mesuring thicker mterils nd plstics.
Fetures :
Mesuring Rnge in Steel: 0.0060.1.000 inches. mm
Resolution of 0.0001 inch (0.001 mm)
Lrge. bcklit LCD disply retins lst reding
TI-007-GT model vilble with Grphite Tip for mesuring plstics
Selectble units of inch or mm
RS-232 Dt output of individul vlues for connection to dt collection or qulity control systems
Includes NIST-Trceble Clibrtion Certificte.