IBM UPS5000 HV 5kVA 4.5kW Rack-Mount Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Overview of IBM UPS5000 HV 5kVA 4.5kW Rack-Mount Uninterruptible Power Supply - 24195KX

The new IBM UPS 5000VA HV offering features:

High-efficiency 3U 5 kVA (4.5 kW) UPS for increased rack power density
Advanced technology Double Conversion operation, providing protection from four more power failures than typical interactive UPS technology
Bimodal operation that provides 97% efficiency when Double Conversion protection is not required
Hot-swap battery capability that increases availability
Optional Online Battery Packs for scalable runtime requirements of up to 75 minutes
Eight C13 and two C19 and receptacle with 20A circuit breaker protection
A suite of easy-to-use management tools
Standard serial and network communications available on Network Management Card
Network Management Card that provides standard serial and network communications as well as connections for environmental management
Emergency Power Off option to remotely power off UPS unit to prevent battery operation during power failure
Highly efficient power efficiency rating of 0.90
Three-year limited warranty

Suppported Rack Installation
The IBM UPS5000 HV uninterruptible power supply requires 3 U of rack space in one of the following rack cabinets:

IBM 42U Enterprise rack
IBM S2 42 U Dynamic rack
IBM S2 25 U rack
IBM S2 42 U rack
IBM 11U Office Enablement kit

Front panel controls
This figure shows the front panel of the UPS 5000VA HV uninterruptible power supply.

Online indicator
On battery indicator
Battery bypass indicator
Overload indicator
Fault indicator
Replace battery indicator
Load on the uninterruptible power supply indicator
Power off button
Power on / Test button
Batteery charge level / Diagnostic utility voltage indicator
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