GPS ONWA KP-6299 / GPS Chartplotter / GPS Ploter / Gps Map / Gps Garmin / Alat Pelacak / Gps Kapal / Gps Laut

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1) High resolution 5.6 inches day-view LCD display
2) Works with C-map Max NT Chart (SD) and Onwa K-Chart
3) Quick chart drawing speed
4) Proximity waypoint alarm
5) Versatile display modes including:

- Course Plot - Nav Data
- Steering Display - Highway
6) High performance GPS receiver
7) User SD card to save and transfer waypoint, track, route memory
8) Course plot in North-up, Course-up or Waypoint Up
9) Tide Table
10) Goto Track let you retrace your path in both directions


Plotter Characteristics

1. Display
5.6-inches color TFT day-view LCD 320.240 pixels

2. Projection
Mercator projection

3. Map Scale
5m to 800 nm

4. Plot Interval
1s to 99h or 0.01nm to 9.99nm

5. Presentation Mode
North Up, Bow Up, Waypoint Up

6. Track Memory
30,000 point automatic track log: 15 saved track (up to 2,000 track points each) let you retrace your path in both directions

7. Waypoint Memory
15,000 waypoints with name

8. Route Memory
30 reversible routes with up to 200 points each, plus MOB and Track Navigation or Goto Track modes

9. Alarm
XTE, Anchor Drag, Arrival, Speed, Voltage, Proximity, Waypoint and Time

10. Nav Data Input/Output

$--BWC, $--BWR, $--DBT, $--DPT, $--GGA, $--GLL, $--HDG, $--HDM, $--HDT, $--MDA, $--MTW, $--RMA, $--RMB, $--RMC, $--TLL, $--TTM, $--VDR, $--VHW, $--VTG, $--WPL, $--ZDA


$--AAM, $--APB, $--BOD, $--BWC, $--GGA, $--GLL, $--RMB, $--RMC, $--VTG, $--XTE, $--ZDA

Output for autopilot:

$--AAM, $--APB, $--BOD, $--VTG

11. Proximity Waypoint
10 proximity waypoint


1. Daylight
Exposed to sunlight
2. Night
In dark environment
Paper chart color

1. External SD Cards
Two SD Cards slot for C-map MAX and User SD memory card
2. Internal Memory
Built-in Onwa K-Chart
GPS Receiver Characteristics

1. Accuracy
Position: <15 meters(95%) without S/A
Velocity: 0.1 meter/sec without S/A
Time: 100ns synchronized to GPS time

2. Acquisition
Cold start: 60 seconds average
Warm start: 45 seconds average
Hot start: 15 seconds average

3. Dynamics
Altitude: 18,000m Max

Velocity: 500 m/s

Acceleration: 4g Max

4. Datum
WGS 84
1. Size
228mm(H) 138mm(W) 79mm(D)

2. Weight

1. Temperature
-15 to + 55 (Display unit)
-25 to + 70 (GPS antenna)
2. Water proofing
Display unit: IPX5
Antenna unit: IPX6
Power Supply
1. Power supply
10.5 to 35 VDC
2. Current drain
0.5A at 12V; 0.3A at 24V
Equipment List (Standard)

1. Display unit
2. Antenna unit with 10m cable
3. Operator manual
4. Installation materials
5. Standard spare parts