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Foorvof GUOU New Personalized Fashion Leather Watch Watch With A Blue Sky Sand Chassis Ladies Watch

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Tuba : 3.9cm, trumpet: 3.2cm

Wholesale price watches no table box packaging, bubble bag packaging!
GUOU tide brand! Explosion models!
[basic description]
The watch chassis is made of blue sand and gravel!!! Very precious!!!
Blue sandstone belongs to the gold sand and gravel family of a relatively rare species.
Is formed by a myriad of blue fine scales in quartz, each of which contains a myriad of blue stars,
Sparkling blue, in the hand from a different perspective will see the stars in the shining, addictive.Shell wide and large: 3.9cm, trumpet: 3.2cm, thickness of the same 0.9cm.Blue sand and gravel dial design, it is very unique!
Blue sand strong evil spirits, called the courage of the stone, the stone of victory,
It symbolizes the progress, success, victory and glory, can promote the body healthy,
Row to evil, clear mind, relieve pressure.
Blue sand looks as follows:

Large wear effect:
Effect of small size:

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