Ducky Shine 3 Tuhaojin DK9008S3-RUSALAJW1 Red Switch - White Led

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"Ducky Shine 3 continues the Shine lineage and brings you several exciting new lighting modes and essential features for any gamer. USB N-Key rollover and repeat acceleration ensures you dont miss a beat whatever the game you play.


-Dual layer PCB for extra durability

-Detachable cable for convenience

-Full LED back lighting

-2 user customizable back lighting profiles

-Reactive lighting mode

-UV Coated keycaps

-DIP switches for extra settings


-Model: DK9008S3

-Place of manufacture: Taiwan

-Interface: USB

-LED Color: White

-Languages: US, Thai

-Switches: Cherry MX Black, Blue, Brown, and Red

-Keycaps: UV coated, lasered printed

-Backlight modes: 7 total (including off)

-Backlight area: Full (100 and User customizable

-Backlight effects: Full (100 Breathing, Wave Marquee, Snake Marquee, -Reactive mode, Ripple mode

-Multi-media keys: Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down

-Accessories: Dust cover, USB cable, keycap puller, red WASD keycaps, user manual

-USB Acceleration: Adjustable USB repeat delay time and USB repeat rate


website: a rel=nofollow target=_blank href=https://tkp.me/r?url=http://www.cockomputer.com www•cockomputer•com"