Diving Housing Filters For GoHero 3 + Camera Scuba (Red)

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The Red Color Correction Filter is the most used in blue waters (bright days, shallow waters, etc.) specially used for recordings in less light or more depth situation, it helps you to capture the real colors. Armed Your Hero, Share Your World.

Notice: This filter is compatible with GoPro Hero3+ Diving Housing only.

Compatible Brand GoPro
Compatible Models Hero3+
Lens Diameter :42*38mm
Dimensions : 5.2cm x 4.8 cm x 1.2 cm
Net Weight :13g
Package Weight:23g

Packing List
1 x Red Filter
SKU NO210ELAA4O25MANID-9238412
Model GREEN H-GREENH-1ddn00069
Warranty Period 1 Tahun
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