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DC Power Supply (0-30v & 0-5A) Adjustable / Adaptor Digital

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"DC Power supply digital, mempunyai output tegangan yang bisa di adjustable 0V s/d 30V, dan arus ampere bisa di adjustable 0A s.d 5A.

High precision, high stability and low ripple linear DC regulated power supply.

Merk Long Wei.

Features :

- Single channel output

- Front / behind output terminal

- Internal radiator and electronic temperature control cooling

- Digital or pointer meter display output voltage and output current

- Curren limiting protection and users can set the current limiting protection point arbitrarily

- Reverse polarity protection

Spesifikasi :

Voltage stability: 0 .01mV.

Load stability :< 0.01mV.

Recovery time :< 100S.

Ripple and noise : 1 .0mVrms.

Current stability: < 0.2mA.

Load stability :< 0.2mA.

Ripple and noise :< 3mArms.

Signal channel output.

Rectangular shape.

Digital meter show the voltage and current values, 4 LED display.

Voltage/current adjust knob with rough and meticulous adjustability.

Two sets of knob buttons for current and voltage.

With connection ports at the bottom.

Light and compact design.

Handle on top offer good portability.

Deal for educational laboratories, safe for students to use.

Constant voltage and constant current operation.

Low ripple and noise.

Affordable and easy to operate.

With current limitation protection.

Product Size: 270 x 128 x 145mm

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