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Crucial SATA 2.5 Internal SSD 6GB / S 500GB - BX100

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Crucial SATA 2.5 Internal SSD 6GB/s 500GB - BX100
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Over 2x more reliable than a typical hard drive
Protect your data by storing it on the Crucial BX100, which is significantly more reliable than a typical hard drive. In the computer industry, storage drive reliability is measured in mean times between failures (MTBF). Most hard drives have MTBF ratings of 0.6 million hours, whereas the Crucial BX100 has a reliability rating of 1.5 million hours. In practical terms, the more reliable your drive is, the less likely it is to crash

Better value than a typical SSD
Get more out of your system without compromising quality. At speeds up to 535 MB/s, the Crucial BX100 SSD isnt the fastest drive on the market, but thats squarely our intent. We painstakingly engineered the Crucial BX100 to provide a massive performance boost, while also delivering an unrivaled value among SSDs. Make the switch to the Crucial BX100 and get everything you expect from a Crucial SSD at an unexpected value.