Aune S1.32Bit DSD Asynchronous (CPLD) Dual Clock High Fedility DSD Player (Black)

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  • Use two ultra-low jitter clock crystal
  • With full balanced output interfaces IIS
  • 2.8-inch display and full remote controltechnology
  • With excellent indicators and excellentsound calibration
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Aune S1.32Bit DSD Asynchronous (CPLD) Dual Clock HighFedility DSD Player Black
A high-quality multi-format digital mastering-puredial
S18 is AUNE developed for source users demanding a high index of purehigh-quality, multi-format digital turntable.
Pure hardware solution asynchronous clock technology, the use of datareorganization algorithm for audio, S18 has an extremely low degree of jitterand perfect digital waveform, and in particular the use near the top analogtuning dial, is a substitute for pure CD turntable high-quality digitalturntable

S18 is an alternative to the traditional music of theCD turntable with HI-FI turntable
With the development of science and technology. Only 650M of the CD patch isnot in line with the development of high-definition audio digital turntable inthe future will replace traditional turntable, digital turntable musicalcoherence and due to the lack of taste is a big problem with the digitalrevolution, S18 is a digital revolution to reach with CD turntable.

S18 is a mastering-HIFI dial multiple audio formats
The number of conventional CD turntable support only a single format .S18 is apure CD disc format that contains the foreign Supports more masteringformat HIFI turntable word

S18 supports WAV / FLAC / APE / AAC / DSDand other multi-format mastering digital turntable

S18 is a support HIFI dial 32Bit and DSD highestformats
Up to 32Bit S18 can play music files, and supports DSD file format DSF / DFF /ISO playback. Support with

DOP output shaft (DSD digital format.) Whena true super master turntable

S18 uses a purely digital technology hardware solution
S18 uses an ARM chip and a CPLD chips machine hardware framework.
ARM did not run the system, the code is pure hardware decoding, ARMasynchronous clock signal input CPLD technology

Reforming chip, hardware solutionstechnology allows asynchronous clock S18 with a high number of indicators.

S18 with numerous digital output interface
S18 with a group of RCA, a group of BNC, a balanced set of numbers, a set ofdigital optical interface, to meet all of the digital turntable all interfacerequirements.

S18 uses two ultra-low jitter clock crystal
The core of the digital circuit is the clock crystal, S18 uses two ultra-lowjitter clock crystal clock and asynchronous technology

Patients with particularly high-pricedcustom Ultra Low Jitter Crystal assurance S18 digital output with ultra-lowjitter, completely beyond biography CD turntable system.

S18 with full balanced output interfaces IIS
S18 IIS uses ultra high-speed output full balance, the most high-speedtransmission of HDMI interface, support for long-distance transmission, wthhigher speeds and longer distances than other IIS dial.

S1.2.8-inch display and full remote controltechnology
S18 with a full perspective of the large 2.8 display and minimalist UI design, completely empty external remote control technology, is a human machineinterface, face a very good digital turntable, machine equipment withtraditional analog dial operations, with more features.

S18 with excellent indicators and excellent soundcalibration
S18 In Play 24Bit / 192KHz signal when the digital output jitter 3.4NS, THD + N-138DB, reached the limit index

The output eye perfectly.
We use LYRA2 and other equipment HILO final school sound, S18 to reproducemusic with all the details, hi yet original music files, is a high indexof high-quality pure HiFi turntable

S18 supports more comprehensive support for the DSDformat and output DOP
S18 supports up to 32Bit / 96KHz file playback, DSD 64 colleagues to supportthe DOP coaxial output, with the balance transfer

IIS port provides two-way coaxial outputinterface (RCA-BNC), is a multi-multi-format digital turntable interface

Special note:
32Bit coaxial can not be transferred because the coaxial agreement can not bereached so high, only IIS transmission.
DSD can play in coaxial transmission, followed by the need to support a decoderfor decoding DOP

WAV: 16Bit 丨24Bit丨32Bit - 44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K WAV + CUE
FLAC: 16Bit 丨24Bit - 44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K CUE
DSD File: DSF / DSD64 - DFF / ISO / DSD64 DSD Digial Output: Perfect fit S16

Special Note:
Press 2 seconds turn on the power, press two seconds off the power
When the play mode, enter the main menu, menu, to return to the previous menu

Dimension: 24.8 x 6 x 21.1 cm
Weight: 3.5kg
Media: SD Card (Support up to 128G)
Typeface: Chinese/English/ Traditional Chinese
Playback Functions: RESUME / main menu setting for each function / playbackstatus of selections
Output Interface: Optical/Coaxial RCA/ Coaxial BNC/ AES Digital Output/ IISOutput
Expanding Function: LAN ports reserved for future development support phonecontrol

Technical Parameters:
16Bit / 44.1.1KHz/0DB Digital Jitter: 1.2NX (P-P) THD+N: -98.285DB
24Bit / 96.1KHz/0DB Digital Jitter: 3.8NS (P-P) THD+N: -137.5DB
24Bit / 192.1KHz/0DB Digital Jitter: 3.4NS (P-P) THD+N: -138.9DB
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