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AEROCOOL 12cm DS FAN (Blue, Red, Black, White)

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12cm DS Black fan
12cm DS Red fan
12cm DS Blue fan
12cm DS White fan

One of worlds most Silence fan with breakthrough technology and innovation.
Beautifully finished Dual Color and Dual Material Fan with four color combinations and LEDs.
The worlds first dual-layered fan blades - combination of plastic and rubber fan blades to absorb Wind noise.
Golf Ball surface design on the back rubber side of the fan blades to minimize the air turbulence.
Optimized fan blade angle design for a perfect balance of airflow and noise.
Noise and shock reduction fan frame incorporating four Silencer Blocks and anti-vibration rubber pads on each mounting holes.
Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) delivers longer life span, higher precision rotation and anti-shock function.
8. Low starting voltage of 3V.
9. Four Anti-vibration screws are included for easier installation.
10. Power cables are "black" sleeved with both 3pin and Molex 4pin connectors.
11. Low speed 7V Voltage Reduction Cable included for ultra-low speed with unrecognizable noise.
Pantent : Taiwan - M 468707
Patent pending : USA/Germany/China