800ml Peony Flower Cast Iron Thermal Drinkware Home Tea Set Water Bottle

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1. Before using the teapot, please add water in it and boil it, then pour out the water.

2. When making tea, the water temperature is preferred at 70-80 centigrade (cooled down

from boiling water). Generally the first time brew of tea is advised to be poured away.

3. After using it, the water remaining in the teapot needs to be poured out, and water

stains need to be sponged away with soft cloth to avoid rusting. Also, the water inside the

teapot shall not stay overnight.

4. Tea net should be washed and cleaned with soft brush after making tea. (You had better

use different teapots for different kinds of tea to avoid taint of odor, such as black tea,

green tea)

5. While using the teapot, there might be a little ?rust? remaining on the interior

surface, which is the chemical reactant resulting from the chemical reaction between tea

and iron. It is harmless to man. The ?rust? can be wiped away by soft brush or soft cloth

with a little vegetable oil, or cleaned by tea bag and tea leaf. Thus the pot can be used


6. While boiling the water or making tea, the volume of water is preferred at 80% of the

volume of the teapot so as to prevent water from splashing.

Warm tips: the bottom of teapot is too hot to directly touch the tea tray after boiling

water, thus towel of teapot or tea cloth is needed to separate the bottom and the tray. The

water to be boiled should not be too cold in order to protect the iron teapot.

Length: 16CM
Width: 18CM
High: 12CM
Diameter: 9CM

Size: about 800ml
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Ukuran (L x W x H Cm) 18 x 16 x 12
Berat (kg) 1.2
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