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5PCS 6.5V-12V To 5V Power AMS1117 Module Voltage Regulator Adapter

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this is AMS1117-5.0, please check it before you purchase
Description Qty: 5 pcs DC-DC step-down modules (input DC 6.5V-12V, output DC 5V) ;
1 input: DC 6.5V-12V (input voltage must be more than to output voltage high 1 V above.)
2 output: 5V, 800 mA (load current can't more than 800 mA)
3 : PCB size: mm
Attention :
1: Boost modules or buck module indicate the operating voltage, Please donot exceed operating voltage, or it will be damaged easily !
2: Boost module output voltage can only be greater than or equal to input voltage, cannot be less than the input voltage!
3: Buck module input voltage must be higher than output voltage of 1.5V or 2V, otherwise it can not output enough power!
4: Automatic Adjustable Boost or Buck module has start voltage and limit working voltage, Please donot exceed them, or it will be damaged easily !
5: Cannot reverse polarity, or it will be short circuit, or will be born easily !
SKU OE427ELAA30CP0ANID-5647860
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Model OIKEA Store-37872-SOZOIK
Ukuran (L x W x H Cm) 10x10x5
Berat (kg) 0.02
Tipe Garansi No Warranty
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