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28 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set Case / Obeng Set

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Update Terakhir : 28 Desember 2016 10:59 WIB
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  • Berat 400 Gram
  • Asuransi Opsional
  • Kondisi Baru
  • Pemesanan Min. 1
Deskripsi Produk
Obeng set multifungsi.
Mata obeng bisa di masukin ke dalam obeng.

Screw Driver BIT Set 28 Pcs Screwdriver BIT Set 28pcs Specification for this Product: 28 pcs Screw Driver Bit Set
Screwdriver and Ratchet Design Form
Compartment in the Handle to Keep Pieces
To Disarm Nuts and Screws
Practice Disarm Case
Features for this product:
Made from high Quality Tungsten SteelSet contains
Star Screwdriver No. 1,2, 3
Hex " No. 3,4, 5,6
Slot " No. 3,4, 5,7
Torx" No. T20, T25, T30, T40
Sockets Nos. 5,6, 7,8, 9,10,11,12,13
1 No Bit holder
A Must for every
Household, Office, Hospital, Hotel etc

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features One screwdriver head and 27 insert bits universal tool kit. A versatile screwdriver Bit set for driving and retrieving very small screws. Can open mobile phone, PDA housing, laptops, PSP, DS, MP3 player, etc. Screwdriver kit tools comprises one screwdriver handle and 27 insert bits. Contains Torx: T40, T30, T25, T20. Hex: H6, H5, H4, H3. Slotted: 3,4, 5,7. Phillips: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3. Socket Nut: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 12mm, 9mm, 7mm, 5.5mm. One 1/4" head as connector (between handle and screwdriver bit) Size: 28.5*9.5*4.5 cm