2016 Women's Handbag China Summer Autumn Small Fashion Casual Girls Shoulder Bag, Black - Intl - Intl

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  • Very deft, complement each other in terms of touch and texture
  • Comfortably holds an ipad mini, notepad and sunglasses.
  • Little leather smell is normal.Putting it outside for few days,the smell will disappear
  • Bring women travel convenience at the same time, to promote women's temperament
  • Made in China, good quality, has a good reputation,ship from China
  • Dimension: 28*33*13cm
Deskripsi Produk
Product Description
Brand: Kailaiyuan
material: Top quality PVC fabric
Style: Portable, Shoulder bag, Messenger Bag, Backpack
Color: Black, Dark Blue, Red, Black, Pink, White, Blue, Purple, Magenta
Capacity: Can Pack Mobile, Wallet Umbrella rtc
Dimension: 28*33*13cm
SKU UN480FAAA63E15ANID-13538807
Bentuk Tas Shoulder Bag
Material Leather
Model Bluesky Store-KLY8856-1B
Tipe Garansi No Warranty